“I’m a slow study,”

she said with apologetic eyes.

“It takes me awhile to get a thing.

But when I get it,

it’s in the vault.”

I smiled, knowing she knows plenty.

Maybe someday she’ll know what I do:

She’s as bright as they come.

A slow study is only slow in someone else’s opinion.

I’d like to see that knowing in her eyes.

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: study


“As if,” she said to no one in particular, never entertaining for one second that she would try even one of Bitsy Devoe’s shortbread sweets as they were passed by on delicately-doilied silver trays by somber, tight-lipped staff in impossibly-starched black uniforms.

Bitsy had conveniently forgotten that the recipe that she was now widely known for had actually been hers once upon a time, given innocently and generously on loan, for goodness sakes, for an event for which Bitsy’s originally-planned recipe had miserably failed, and for which Bitsy had since become quite famous for making.

As if to punctuate her resentment, she put her cigarette out in vase of delphiniums that sat on the foyer table, and with a wry smile of self-approval, proceeded back to the bar area to partake of a third Gin Gimlet.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: entertain

Night Manager

Drains the last of the bottle

Looking out into the blue-black bruise of night

No trains coming through ’til morning

In a blackout he meets his own dark soul

But he won’t remember it in the morning

He listens with Jack Daniels’ ears

For something, for anything

He watches the static of the old tv

Waiting for God to speak to him again

And just before he passes out

He has an epiphany, which is then lost

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: static


Lay me down on a bed of pine needles

Remove my clothing, piece by piece

Place twigs and moss in my hair

And put daisies on my eyes

Evoke the spirits of the trees

Invite my ancestors to be in attendance

Sing from a place within you that has no name

Leave me knowing I am free now

Let my body return to the earth

Mingle with the leaves and the forest life

Know me, leaving, that I am everywhere

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: evoke


“I’ve forgotten how to be in my own body,” she said

“I feel like I have woken up in a foreign land”

I took her by the hand

Led her down the the sea

“Sit down and let the waves remind you,” I said

We lay back, and with closed eyes

Became one with the ocean

The undulation, the caress and push-pull

We let ourselves be swallowed

And we became mermaids again

Bodies arching, diving

Arms moving through the water

Embracing the flow of the tide

She started crying tears of deeply relieved joy

And so then did I, to see her find home again

Our salt tears mixed with the salt of the sea

And when we finally returned to the shore and found our legs again

We took the ocean with us in the sway of our hips

And the pulse of our hearts

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: undulate

Post-Truth Confessions

“Brilliant, just brilliant,” she said to no one in particular as she heard the sickening metallic sound of the car’s right front shank as it scraped along the cement wall that she had tried to avoid having to drive by in the first place.

Had it not been for the annoying oversized truck that had stopped just before the exit, blocking it, she’d never have taken the sharply curved driveway leading out of the parking garage at such a fast pace.

She didn’t stop to survey the damage – what was done was done – but as she drove off, she quickly began thinking of scenarios (other than her own road rage) that might help her husband take the news more easily.

Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: brilliant