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The legend of me

Changes daily

Sometimes hourly

Sometimes rooted in the past

Sometimes projected into the future

Sometimes whispered, often shouted

I have allowed ghostwriters

Free reign for far too long

Time to write my own story

I know it best, after all

Gonna get quiet and listen

For the voice that is my own

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: legend


I hear their screams of silent disapproval

Feel their arms, clutching me, holding me back

“Don’t go out there. You’ll die. It’s not safe for us.”

My belly’s a stone

Ingested before I was born

I’ve tried to throw it up

Doesn’t budge, it’s mine now

I carry it with me

This inheritance

This heavy key to the past

This memorial to those before me

This museum housing their lives’ dreams and losses

Maybe it’s not something to pass

Like a kidney stone

Or to be removed like a cancerous growth

Perhaps I need only to lovingly lay it down

At the feet of those whose dreams I am now living

Perhaps their burdens are not mine to carry

But mine just to remember, and know

As I move forward into my own life’s dreams and losses

To be remembered, one day, and known

By those who come behind me

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: inheritance

A Fine Pour

There was an elegance to the way she poured coffee, a slight turn of her wrist that turned the stream just so as it finished filling the cup.

It was subtle – even she wasn’t aware of this remnant of her former life – and it did not register for most, but a discerning eye such as his now and then caught it.

And for the slightest of instants, the diner was transformed into a four star hotel, and the coffee, a fine Bordeaux.

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: elegance

Color Guard

“Don’t varnish the truth, darling,” she said to no one in particular as she resolutely declined to add more lipstick color to her lips. She could plainly see the little telltale lines above her upper lip and the way the bright red color she had favored in her youth now bled off into the tiny trenches, and with that, she was done with reds. It would be pinks and faint corals from now on, until the day when even those colors would need to be retired.

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: varnish