On Vacation

I have been absent the past three weeks. I am on vacation, following a family wedding trip to Northern Ireland and an acting intensive in Ireland. Today I am in the middle of a two-week “girls trip” with my niece and sister-in-law. Having a wonderful time.

Just wanted to say hello from Paris. This week, I will be posting a blog that I meant to post two weeks ago! It has been a whirlwind month of living on the skinny branches. If I was more experienced with having a blog, I would have had posts at the ready and scheduled ahead of time to post while on these trips. Now I know how it needs to go.

Ah well! C’est la vie. Live and learn, and let the rest go.

Today I send you light from the City of Light. I am living out on the skinny branches, and the living feels fine.

#lifeontheskinnybranches #girlstrip2016 #paris #eiffeltower

2 thoughts on “On Vacation

  1. I hope you had one terrific time. ‘ sent a check for $100. hope it helps.  I still want to get back in the game.  When your film is completed, I would like to buy a copy.  My older daughter is an actor ( stage and screen) and sometime producer.  She was last seen in “Tiger Eyes” filmed in New Mexico where she lives with her partner.  She played a rabbi in a funeral scene.  Check her out on IMDb.  Her name is Gwen Goldsmith.   Mike G.      


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