Malnourished Heart

Numb from shock

Arisen from the depths of you-hell

Sooty and scorched

I made a catapult from leftover heart shreds

And slingshot essential soulparts

To the netherlands of the void.

No map, no key: safe from seeking human grasp.

Whatever was left of my battered soul

I tried to serve to the world.

But tough in-spite-of life meat

Makes for a bony bounty.

Anemic and spent

I am calling me back.

There’s a welcome home mat

In my hungry-heart self.

I will feast on my fullness

Grow meaty layers of love.

Then pinked-up and throbbing,

My catapult in hand,

I’ll release to the stars

Any memory of you

To burn into ash as I rise.


Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: catapult

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