Hot Flash

Hello, Mr. Firemen.

I know you are doing serious work out there.

Thank you for all that, by the way.

Putting your lives at risk, saving lives.

All of it.

But mostly, I want to thank you for what happens to me when I see you guys in your uniform.

(I hope I don’t seem shallow.)

I just go weak at the knees – I literally swoon

And that is pretty phenomenal.

Doesn’t even have to be the full uniform…

I like best when you’re around the firehouse sort of half-dressed like this.

I don’t mean to make you feel like sex objects or anything.

I know you are more than your uniform or your job.

But, just, thank you.

I promise not to linger too long.

I know you’ve got a job to do.

I’m happily married, after all.

Just saying thank you from the bottom of my heart.

OK, yeah, I better move along.

See you tomorrow!
Inspired by The Daily Prompt Daily Word: uniform

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