There was a time…

When a lollipop really did make the hurt go away

After the shot at the doctor’s

Sweet, cherry goodness soothed my tears

Sadness-saliva mixed with sticky sugary-sweet licks

Heartfelt draws between sobs quieted the fray

As tongue and closed lips suckled the hard sucked-down nib

Playing with the stick, biting off the final flavored bits

A forever-imprint of the equation: sugar=comfort

Makes me long for lollipops to this very day

But it is really my mother that I crave

It is really her love and solace that I want

But all the lollies in the world won’t bring that to me

It is mine to give me now.


Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: lollipop

9 thoughts on “Lickity-Split

  1. Yes, and Jungian analyst and author Marion Woodman launched an entire career on this premise. Food=matter=mater=mother. Her work on conscious femininity has been pivotal in many lives. Interesting take, yours. Good write.

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      1. Great. 🙂 I was so psyched to talk w/Marion, a longtime interest of mine during my Jungian/depth psych college studies. She died shortly after our interview, as I recall.


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