Time Travel

Shiny peach polish on elegant, tapered fingers

Faint fragrance of rose mixed with Jergen’s

I loved your creamy white hands, Grandmother

I’d lay alongside you as you napped, put my fingertips next to yours

Watch the rise and fall of your chest, feel the warmth of your breath

Fall into a peaceful sleep that felt like being carried on a breeze

I’ve never felt as safe and loved as I did then

You’ve been gone so long, but I can find you whenever I want

I just put on some Jergen’s and close my eyes


Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: fragrance

8 thoughts on “Time Travel

  1. I totally love this! My grandma wore Jergens hand lotion too, and the fragrance always made me think of her through the years. It came in a square glass bottle then and she’d always let me put some on. This was in the 50’s….. Thank you, you’ve brought back pleasant memories. ❤️💕

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