Shallow Depths

Deep within
There is a certain part of me
Who stills believes
Life would be so much better
If I'd been born beautiful:
A super model, a movie star

Shallow, I know,
But that part of me's convinced
Nothing sways her
She doesn't care that you
Can't cherrypick and you'd get
All their shit too (and that we all have shit)

She is absolutely sure
To be adored for your looks
Would beat the rest
That being loved for a face or body
Is more than enough for her
And she won't hear otherwise

This part of me
Would make a deal with a thousand devils
It would sell my soul
For the chance to find out
If life really is better for the super stars and models

I've given up trying
To win her over to Self-Love Land
She cannot comprehend adult logic
So I hold her hand
And I say "I hear you," then lead her into the deeper waters to play

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: shallow

7 thoughts on “Shallow Depths

  1. Love this poem it hits shallow in it’s vulnerable form when it comes to women and their bodies. Physical appearances don’t last forever but sadly people place too much value in it.

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  2. Sorry love, but she’s no beauty in my eyes. Silicone breasts and lip injections belie the self hatred she doubtlessly harbors inside. She took the same bait. Which is sad. Deeper waters, indeed. Love the poem 😉

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      1. Not for too long though on the template thing, sweetie – I do have body image issues, especially with a husband much younger than me (we’ve been together over 25 years). Society is cruel to aging women, I’m not going to lie. And it’s tough to be in such good physical (and mental) shape and still have sagging flesh and wrinkles. But THAT woman, no. I don’t find her beautiful at all – she looks like a live Barbie doll, which I find disturbing. I don’t aspire to any part of ‘that.’

        I don’t know – maybe what I find compelling in a woman goes beyond skin. This is certainly true for my husband. He has No interest in shallow of any kind. And perhaps that’s what shifted my former self hatred into ‘simple’ and occasional physical aging insecurity.

        So I ‘get’ you. I do. Being a visual person, I just looked at that image and thought, ‘Gross.’


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  3. Hey Margaret for what it’s worth – I think I’ve met you 3 times now at various Hamill weddings and you have always looked stunning!!!

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