No longer have to trademark my grief

Don’t need the world to see where I was broke

I’ve given myself full attention and love

All I’d held dormant is now woke


I’ve befriended it all, found a place in my heart

For what used to have me in tatters

Don’t need you to see it to make it all real

It’s mine now, and that’s all that matters


Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: trademark

10 thoughts on “Ownership

  1. “No longer have to trademark my grief” – what a great line. I was just thinking today about all the years that my grief and pain were front and center. Far past the time that this was needed, they remained central because it was comfortable and known. Self acceptance and grace certainly are far better suited for the center. Thanks for writing.

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  2. I like the line, Don’t need the world to see where I was broke.
    (The trademark one is more unique, but I think this one is deeper). When we finally accept that showing something is not solving it or curing it, (bur rather sharing it so others can heal) I think we have come to such a strong place in our growth.
    Good rhyme scheme and meter.

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