Mightn’t I just lay down now

I’m so tired

Passed bone-weary last year

Let me just go to sleep

And never waken

Wish my beloveds a sweet farewell

There’s never been a moment of peace

I think I’ve earned some at this point

Maybe this has all been a random experiment

And my cell, never one that was expected to live

Maybe I beat the odds having come this far anyway

Maybe the Universe will sigh a sigh of relief when I let go


Inspired by The Daily Word Prompt: viable

One thought on “Viable

  1. Hang in there, dear. I saw a book featured on Goodreads today, I’m pretty sure the title was _The Universe Doesn’t Give A F@ck About You_ or something close to that, and I tend to think that’s much more the case than it giving a sigh of relief when one of us goes. Thank the gods we have each other and needn’t worry about what the universe cares or doesn’t care for us!



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