Too many voices within

An unwelcome cacophony

Disparate threads collide

Influence my life strategy

Others’ conversations

Nag and berate, then subside

Get still, they said, and listen

You will hear your Self inside

It’s the quiet one underneath

Just make some space within

So I tried to push the static aside

I didn’t value what it had to say

Tried to drown out those others’ voices

That had somehow become a part of mine

And in doing so, I lost my way

But now I know their message is important

They just need to be heard and known

Like a feeling just wants to be felt

They need to not feel all alone

So now I listen to the threads

One by one, I unravel each song

I give back those not mine to those who sang them first

Tell them I’ll always carry their song in mine

No longer at odds, there is now harmony

My voice resonates with many voices as one

And the music of my soul makes perfect sense to me

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: strategy

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