Real Love Looks Like…

A parent saying no to a child’s request when it is not in his/her best interest even though it is hard to be the “bad cop”

Helping a beloved furry love move on when their life has become filled with pain

My father chronicling my mother’s daily meds and health with incredible detail as her caregiver at the end of her life

Watching my grandparents head out for a walk, seeing them simultaneously reach for the other’s hand without looking

The way my husband takes care of the car and I do the shopping

That he professes to love the parts of my body that I so do not

The people who maintain a community garden as volunteers, on the weekend

A father reading a book aloud to his daughter on the train instead of giving her a screen to watch

Happy Valentines Day! My husband and I work hard on our marriage every day. We consciously choose to do so. That is real love to me, and something I am grateful for and appreciative of every day.

So no grand gestures of love needed for me this or any other February 14th.

Every day is a gift we give each other.

What does real love look like to you?

#reallove #everydayisvalentinesday

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