The Best Medicine

I’m not usually a fan of pictures of me, and even less so of posting them, but I love this one.

During a recent shoot, the sublime photographer Joseph Moran made a comment that got me laughing as we tried (to almost no avail) to get some outside headshots on a very windy balcony.

He captured a spontaneous and free part of my personality: one that gets much less life-space than I’d like in my very adult days.

In laughter, I connect to a very important part of me – an uncensored, unedited, unsocialized part. I become childlike again.

It truly is “the best medicine.”

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: laughter

6 thoughts on “The Best Medicine

  1. You look amazing….though, all the pictures I have seen of you (admittedly not that many) look great. You are very attractive….now this is sounding stalker is. I apologize.

    As someone who doesn’t like the way I look, I am glad you got photo you like. The laughing smile is fantastic. I hope this part of you gets more airtime.

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