Come Into Her Own

She was born a white, wild witch

A sister-mother of the Earth

She spoke tree and peony, wind and ocean wave, too

In her wise innocence she spoke of what she heard and knew

And too early on she was soul-shamed and silenced

She learned to deny her white, witchy ways

She created a person to please the world

And set her face and her sprit in a reigned-in smile

While inside her real feelings swirled

Years passed, she lived her life

And planted seeds of love as best she could

Until one day, her body and mind said “Enough!”

And the witch lain long-dormant awoke

She traversed the inner landscape of her soul and her heart

And rekindled the senses she knew

Like a genie released from the prison of its bottle

Her life force once again filled her body-form, free

She rebirthed her own glorious Self

She gave herself a name befitting a Queen

Stood tall and breathed into her power and strength

A great White Witch walking in full glory and graces

If you listen carefully, the trees are all singing sweet relief

And the flowers have smiles on their faces

Inspired by The Birth Day of My Talented Friend Victoria! Treat yourself to her beautiful blog:

Family Matters

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