I’ve been thinking about keepsakes.

Objects carry energy, there’s no doubt about it. And I am seeking to surround myself with an environment that reflects who I am today.

I have done a great deal of work on my self the past several years. Deep, difficult, but ultimately gratifying and freeing work. It was time to match my outside to my inside.

All the changing and growing that I consciously conjured for my life that I have been living through the last 14 months was inspired by a desire to let go of certain parts of my past and create space for my present.

I found a new home for my family. We renovated it to reflect our needs, taste and lifestyle.

A part of that process was going through everything I owned, seeing what to keep. Choosing what would live with me in our new home.

Furniture and items have been given away with care and love. New homes found. I’ve thanked these pieces for all they’ve given to our home.

We ate finally in our new home. Still settling in. It has been an unexpectedly rough transition.

A mentor expressed it perfectly. We transplanted ourselves into the future we created for ourselves. It is taking time to establish our roots again, each in our own way.

Back to keepsakes.

I really pared it down. Way, way down. Let go of things I never thought I could or would want to.

I hope they are being enjoyed by just the right person now.

I did keep one thing. A chair that was my grandmothers, now repainted and reupholstered. It has always brought me such joy. I remember playing in it as a 4 year old!

As I establish my new roots in the ground of my present, I relish the space that is here with me. I want to fill the space with relationships, creativity, and love.

The new view from my window holds new keepsakes: sunsets and clouds will be my new souvenirs. I think I will throve in this new land.

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