Welcome Back Landing

Bird plane

My goodness, it has been awhile. My last post was March 1, 2020.

Much has happened since.

The world has changed. (And it’s not really changed.)

I have changed. (And in so many ways, I’m the same.)

I have been learning and living so much. (And I’ve been meeting my own resistances and fears all along the way.)

So much has changed within me, I actually considered changing the name of this blog. I made the leap from the skinny branches some time ago. I’ve been flying high and deep ever since.

But changing it all was too complicated, and in the spirit of transparency, every time I looked into changing it, I got overwhelmed. My perfectionism took over and I just…stopped trying. (After all, I am still, in many ways, living life, at times, out on the skinny branches. I do land. I do hover. I do sit still.)

So here I am. Still. (And not so still.)

I look forward to flying with you.

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