The personal blog of Margaret Curry.

Actress.Singer.Lover of Humanity.Fan of the Underdog.

Purveyor of Fine Ordinary Moments.

I am a Closeted Introvert who has Extrovert Longings.

This blog is me coming to terms with that.

It is part of my intention to Live Life Out Loud, On Purpose, Out On The Skinny Branches.

In my life and in my work, I am drawn to works that explore and celebrate the human spirit and love, that reveal the stories of how people rise above the problems of life and the human condition to make change and follow their hearts.

Especially the extraordinary beauty, power and heroism that are to be found in the seemingly ordinary moments and people in life. The underdog, the ordinary, unsung heroes; the quiet, small moments that can sometimes hold a lifetime.

Introverts Can Fly, Too. (Can’t they?)