There's something under my skin
Something grainy, irritating
I can't get to it, make it go away
Want to cut it out

Feels like him, still there, still taking what's mine alone to give
A pressure behind my neck
An invisible yoke I can't escape

Can't get rid of the grip, can't get away
Can't rub away the imprint of his touch
These are the moments I despair
These, the moments that he wins

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: grainy

Broken In

I saw you in that moment

The real you, the sick part, unmasked.

And I knew,

Knew of your weakness

And of your fear.

Our family dog, cringing as you raised your hand to hit her,

Cowered beneath your height.

And my heart broke then and there

For what I saw in her eyes

For not being able to stop you

For the man I no longer saw in you.

None of us would ever be the same.

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Prompt: cringe