I am living My Life on the skinny branches. Or rather, that is my intention. I want so much to be the kind of bird that keeps testing their weight on the skinniest of branches. To be the one to courageously leap from them into the air, to soar into the unknown on a daily basis, in my art and in my personal life. That is my soul-craving. That is my heart’s fondest desire.

In reality, some days you will find me clinging to the base of the tree for dear life. Some days I will be longing to bury myself in the earth that holds the roots so that I may disappear and be seen no more.

Most days, I am comfortably uncomfortable as I sit on the medium-to-small branches that offer the safety and comfort of the known.

Any action I can take that feels as if I am living life on the skinny branches is a win in my book. So here I am. Challenging myself to be accountable to my intention. To be seen. To let my voice be heard.

Testing my weight on some smaller-to-me branches.