Mirror, Mirror

Never doubt that I see you

Know all that you’ve survived

See the strength that you have found

All the ways that you have thrived

From where you started until now

Look how far that you have come

All the shit that’s happened to you

The many things you’ve overcome

Look at you, my strong, brave girl

My beautiful, resilient one

My heart is bursting, full of love

For all that you’ve become

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: overcome

In Honor and Appreciation for the Life and Work of Louise Hay

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The smell of a baby’s head

A small young nephew or niece reaching for your hand on a walk or fighting to sit next to you at Thanksgiving dinner

Watching your lover sleep

The way taking a breath in connects us to everyone who has ever lived and letting a breath out connects us to anyone who will ever live

The genuine eye contact and smile exchanged with a total stranger

The satisfaction of taking something you have just baked from scratch out of the oven

The way cooking a family recipe can conjure up sense memories and connection to past generations

The moment of relief when you sense what could have become a conflict dispenses

The time spent with a loved one during their end of life processes, sitting and listening, sharing precious moments

What would you add?

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: priceless


Savor-ful Things

A kiss

Coming in to the air conditioner from sweltering heat outside

Time with a loved one

The sunset

A thank you

A heartfelt apology

A compliment

An unexpected but needed rain shower that breaks the humidity

A stranger’s smile

Someone holding the door open for you

The moment you free your body from tight clothes or shoes

Watching your lover, child or pet sleep

Holding their hand (really hold it)

The sound of their voice (one day you may long to hear it again)

Their touch

Being really listened to

A deep sleep

Getting lost (because you are never really lost, you’ve just found a new way to go)

A good laugh

How it feels after anger dissipates

A happy memory

A rainbow, anytime, anywhere

The stars in the sky

Being applauded in any way for any reason (exception: sarcastic applause)

That smell of breakfast

The smell of coffee

A pet’s demand for your attention

A really good turn of phrase


Long sips of cool water

Any moment in which you feel loved

Any moment you feel connected to the world

What would you add to the list?


Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: savor