Culinary Delights

Your hands

I see them first

Long, tapered fingers

So sure, so sensuous

Your fingers holding the tuna

As you slice through it

My first thoughts

Make me blush

I want to be that food

I want to be touched

The way you touch it

I want you to slice me open

Arrange me

Take me into your mouth

Become one in your body

Inspired by The Daily Post: blush

Sweet Agony

I await you in my room, in the dark

No lights, don’t want others’ stopping by

This is to be our night, finally

No more guessing, no more holding back

My passion for you is huge and deep

An encompassing wave of anticipation

Imagining you arriving washes over me

The earth literally moves under my feet

I listen to my heart pound louder and louder

I feel the tickle of butterfly wings dancing in my belly

I am giddy, I am ready, I am going crazy

I hear footsteps and they stop at my door

I hold my breath as I watch the doorknob start to turn


Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: anticipate


The Draw

What is it about you?

I cannot let you go.

I feel pulled towards you

no matter what you do

(or don’t do) to me.

This attraction I feel for you

is magnetic…hypnotic…


That’s it, no more!

You are dead to me!

Just say no! Walk away!)

God, I love the way your cheeks flush

That little curve at the side of your mouth

Those shining eyes that sparkle wickedly

You’re so funny, and smart…

Hey – what are you doing later?

Me? Oh, nothing. Yeah, I can meet up late tonight.

Sure. I’ll be waiting for you. I’ll be there. Waiting.

(How did that just happen again?)


Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word prompt: magnetic






Hot Flash

Hello, Mr. Firemen.

I know you are doing serious work out there.

Thank you for all that, by the way.

Putting your lives at risk, saving lives.

All of it.

But mostly, I want to thank you for what happens to me when I see you guys in your uniform.

(I hope I don’t seem shallow.)

I just go weak at the knees – I literally swoon

And that is pretty phenomenal.

Doesn’t even have to be the full uniform…

I like best when you’re around the firehouse sort of half-dressed like this.

I don’t mean to make you feel like sex objects or anything.

I know you are more than your uniform or your job.

But, just, thank you.

I promise not to linger too long.

I know you’ve got a job to do.

I’m happily married, after all.

Just saying thank you from the bottom of my heart.

OK, yeah, I better move along.

See you tomorrow!
Inspired by The Daily Prompt Daily Word: uniform