I lay, spent, numb

My pain suspended in the discomfort

The known sedation of having gorged

More appealing than tolerating my escalating feelings

Too-full-ness better than emptiness

Physically weakening myself somehow feels like power

For an all-too-brief moment

I am calm, the fear and dread are quiet

And being alive in this body feels almost OK

Until it doesn’t, again

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: gorge

My Shoes Part 2

I felt excited to go out into the world.

Then I dreaded leaving my house.

I gave myself a stern lecture.

Then I sweet talked myself into getting ready.

Then I dreaded like holy hell leaving my house.

So I shoved myself out into the world.

Then I wanted to go home so badly.

Then I was glad to be out in the world.

Then I couldn’t wait to get home again.

I finally got home.

And I felt like I had missed something important.

The Clearing

A mist cloaked the green in a shroud of grey

I could no more discern the sky

No longer was I able to laugh or play

All my heart could do was contract, and cry


Then the mist lifted and my shrunk soul awoke

The whole of my heart took wing

I found myself in a new world, bespoke

Wholly alive, alight, at once I began to sing


Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: cloaked