Paillard Tendencies

“Don’t make me take a mallet to you,” she said wickedly as she began to prepare the chicken breast she’d bought for her dinner.

It was little exchanges like this that made her apartment feel a little less lonely at night.

With a giggle followed by an almost imperceptible sigh, she rinsed the breast in water and patted it dry with a paper towel, and returned to the task at hand.

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: mallet

Soul Sister

I feel you there

In a parallel Universe

The me that I haven’t lived up to in this one

Did you steal away my confidence

Maybe took more than your share

Do you laugh easily

And let harsh words roll off of your back

While I am still guarded after all these years trying not to be

And take everything people say to heart

Can we meet somewhere in-between our two worlds

What separates two parallels

Have an equal exchange

I’ll give you some of my excess

There must be something I’ve got that you want

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Post: parallel


I’ve summoned you

Too many times to count

Shaken out bottle after bottle

Finally smashed one to smithereens

Where have you been

Why won’t you answer my calls

Or are my wishes not meant to come true

Are you distracted elsewhere, dear genie o’ mine

I’m running out of faith, hope, and time

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: genie

Weathered Heart

The clay of my youthful confidence

My birthright, my sense of worth

Was fret away early on

By rivulets of tears and snot

Sourced from enthusiasms bullied and bossed

Until over time there formed

A hard-won, hard-worn chip on my shoulder

That altered my stance forever

It’s hard to be open

Holding back so much

No one can reach me

No one can hurt me

No one can touch me

But who won what, I wonder

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: fret

The Power of Now

“Don’t be a crank,” she murmured to herself, catching herself for the thirtieth time in as many moments raking herself over the coals for the oversight she had made during the afternoon board meeting.

Two equally vocal self-parts were at war within: the part that finds any slight error a reason for killing oneself out of shame, and the part that longs to forgive and generously allow for such things, eager to defend well-intentioned human error at any moment.

Somewhere in-between those two internal parts sat a third part watching the whole thing, a part knew that both defense and crucification over such a thing as an error were sheer wastes of precious life energy, and so patiently awaited their voices to lose steam to get back to the moment at hand, which this part knew as the only moment that really mattered or even existed anyhow.

Inspired by The Daily Post Daily Word Prompt: crank*

*Crank describes me after I realized that I totally spaced last night. I was studying for a job today, and somehow, I thought I wrote a blog post when I didn’t.

My internal Perfectionista is truly berating me for the oversight. But thankfully, no one’s like is at stake if I forgot for the second time in many, many months of fulfilling my commitment to myself to create at least once a day.

I guess yesterday I did create — I created a state of confusion!