Beach Daze

Nothing but blue skies…

Yesterday got away from me. (I am on a brief vacation/birthday trip.) So day ten of my challenge has moved to today. Progress not perfection!

I did get my work out there, though. Our modern world allows every opportunity to virtually audition.

I can upload audition tapes for specific auditions that have requested me to do so through my reps or for jobs I have submitted myself for.

And no matter where I am, at any given moment, I can create a short filmed audition and send it off in an instant. How cool is that?

I have a small filming kit that has been with me to Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, and all over the US. Only challenging part is finding a “reader”, someone to read the off-screen other characters. But even that can be arranged virtually, so never a true issue.

I cannot post yesterday’s audition due to a non-disclosure agreement, but it was a fun one!

Today and tomorrow are the weekend, but I will still be getting my work out there, through submissions.

(In-between naps and dips into the ocean, of course.)

#TheGetYourMyOutThereChallenge #auditiontapes #createdaily

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